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Welcome to Lincoln County, Nevada

Lincoln County, Nevada is a land filled with mountain ranges, windswept valleys, wild horses, cattle ranches and folks that like the country life.

Lincoln County has a large land area, mostly uninhabited, which is full of a variety of landscapes and wildlife. There are many recreation areas and wilderness areas, as well as public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

Lincoln County is rich in cultural heritage. Native American tribes lived in many places throughout Lincoln County - leaving behind evidence of their passing in the form of petroglyphs. There is more than one ghost town standing empty in tribute to the gold and silver miners that lived and worked in them, then moved on. Other historic sites show how daily pioneer life was lived in this area from the time it was first settled to more modern times. The railroad played a large part in the history of the county as well, as several historic sites devoted to the history of the railroad demonstrate.

Lincoln County, Nevada has several towns. Alamo was settled around 1900 by families and individuals from Fredonia, Arizona. Castleton was founded in the 1920’s by Combined Metals Reduction Company on the east slope of Ely Mountain near a rich silver mine. Pioche was known as the roughest town in the west during its gold rush days. It is said that 75 people died there of gunshot wounds before the first resident died of natural causes. Caliente was a booming railroad town until the main stop was moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Now it is a small quiet place, the only city in Lincoln County. The other towns in Lincoln County are quiet townships. Panaca has always been a quiet agricultural town, settled by Mormon pioneers in the mid 1800’s. Rachel is the newest town, having been founded by D.C. Day in 1978 along Nevada State Road 375 - also known as the famous “Extraterrestrial Highway.”

Lincoln County is a part of the fastest growing state in the United States - Nevada. Although most of the growth is centered around Las Vegas, Lincoln County will be home to two planned communities located in the southeastern part of the county.

Our local newspaper, the Lincoln County Record, is one of the oldest continuously run newspapers in the western United States.

As you drive along the highways in Lincoln County you might get the impression that it is empty and desolate. On the contrary, Lincoln County offers a variety of landscapes and activities as well as a friendly lifestyle with room to grow.


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